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Surfer Connect - with your Shaper
Surfer Connect - with your Shaper Dial in! >
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More about Connecting with you Shaper
More about Connecting with you Shaper Read more here >

Connect Your Surfboard.

SBT connects you and your surfboard with your shaper. Confirming everything genuine about your surfboard, where it came from and when. It also carries a neat security feature in terms of your surfboards safety registering the surfboard to the owner. SBT is working hard to build the surfing community around the world bringing surfers and shapers closer together which can only be good for the future of surfing and surfboard manufacturing.

When your board is Activated you are instantly connected: 

  • Your shaper is alerted via SBT detailing the board you have activated enabling direct communication when needed...
  • Your surfboard is registered to you so that if lost or stolen and then found it can be retreived and returned. 
  • View authentic nose to tail detail 
  • Manage your boards with your very own online surfers account where you can make direct contact with your shaper when needed. 
  • There no limits to how many boards you wish activate plus it entirely free to do so.
  • SBT adds another great aspect to your surfing that will over time prove invaluable
  • Use your mobile phone to check out boards just by scanning the the QR TAG - Keep your board real and support your shaper ask for SBT. 






Laird Shoots Pier at Malibu

Published on Aug 26, 2014

Laird Hamilton rides largest wave of the day. Surfer rides the wave at least 400 yards and then shoots the pier at the end with at least double overhead set. EPIC!

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Surfers Path End of an Era - the last very last 100th Edition

Surfers Path is coming to an end guys and gals, SP has announced it is printing the very last 100th printed addition, once the ink has dried that will be it.



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Never did I think, I would see the day when surfers could connect via their surfboard, Anything is possible !

Larry “Rubberman” Bertlemann, Surfer, Shaper, Hawaii