<![CDATA[Surfboard Tracker News]]> / en thecrew@surfboard-tracker.com Copyright 2013 2013-07-23T09:02:22+00:00 <![CDATA[Attention Surfboard Lovers]]> http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/attention-surfboard-lovers http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/attention-surfboard-lovers #When:09:02:22Z (SAN CLEMENTE, CA., JULY 18, 2013)  Attention surfboard lovers: in the Fall of 2013 the THE BOARDROOM will visit Orange County, California, for two days of surf culture including the world's best surfboards, fins, wetsuits, board bags, leashes, cameras, techy gadgets and surf gear; plus live shaping, live laminating, exhibits, demos, art, movies, music and good times. The dates for the THE BOARDROOM are October 5 & 6 at the OC Fair & Event Center. 

The Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off competition will honor legendary Southern California surfboard craftsman Terry Martin. 

<![CDATA[Surf Break near Baleal Portugal]]> http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/surf-break-near-baleal-portugal2 http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/surf-break-near-baleal-portugal2 #When:10:01:40Z Check out this fantastic private gated Villa near Baleal, positioned inside the luxury 5 star Marriott resort "Praia del Rey", with its own break out front, within ten minutes to the near the world famous Supertubos and other world class surf beaches and a championship golf coarse, and all what the resort has to offer this exclusive Villa sleeps six. 

Sleeps six, swimming pool, outside barbacue, surf and golf on tap. Wonderful country and coastal surroundings stacked with local history.


<![CDATA[Stewart Maxwell Local Currumbin Surfboard Shaper Opens New Factory]]> http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/stewart-maxwell-local-currumbin-surfboard-shaper-opens-new-factory http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/stewart-maxwell-local-currumbin-surfboard-shaper-opens-new-factory #When:08:18:28Z  


<![CDATA[SBT Launch Smart Digital System for Surfboards]]> http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/sbt-launch-smart-digital-system-for-surfboards http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/sbt-launch-smart-digital-system-for-surfboards #When:07:11:02Z SBT recently launched a brand new concept for surfboard builders and surfers. Test it for yourself!





<![CDATA[New Surf School and Board Hire System]]> http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/new-surf-school-and-board-hire-system http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/new-surf-school-and-board-hire-system #When:07:41:33Z SBT Release: One of the very first companies to use the surf school SBT system for their intermediate surf product is Ozoboard (Agit Global Inc).

SBT already offers a system for surfboard manufacturers and surfers, this new system has been developed with surf school and surfboard hire market in mind. The system is easily implanted into new and exisiting boards and managed via an online portal.

<![CDATA[SBT Short Video Release Spring 2013]]> http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/sbt-short-video-due-release-march-2013 http://www.surfboard-tracker.com/news/article/sbt-short-video-due-release-march-2013 #When:13:39:43Z SBT latest, Real Shaper Real Surfers Real Boards video 

http://vimeo.com/61286248, Why you should look out for SBT!