Microchip Technology For Board Sports
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SBT Launch Smart Digital System for Surfboards

Written by thecrew@surfboard-tracker.com on Wednesday 22 May 2013

The shapers of surfboards or otherwise manufacturers, implant their surfboards with a micro chip, the system is all managed online. The online system carries an embedded system so that surfboard manufactureres can manage their daily operation, every board order is entered on the system when a board order is taken, producing a online reference of every surfboard produced, the information is automatically loaded on to the SBT system when the order is entered, this can be printed off or saved as a file.

Manufacturers don't have to enter information into the SBT system separately. As soon as the board is finished the board can be checked using any kind of Smart fone. Helping surfers and surf shop owners to be better informed about the surfboard they own.

The system details dimensions, blank type, fin system, shaper information, laminator, real nose to tail information.

When a board is purchased the surfer can Activate his board with an online proof of what is owned, and all the details, which then can be managed online which carries an anti theft capability too.

Further down the line the surfer if he wishes to sell his board the true description of the board can referenced just like your car. 

Another great aspect about SBT is that when a surfboard is Activated its links with the shapers of their surfboard, surfboard manufacturers are better informed about the surfers who ride their shapes and what boards they ride creating a more productive environment where by shapers can advise where their products can be found or even better order a custom surfboard direct.

SBT really is the missing link to the surfing world. Watch this space!


40,000 Surfboards later and SBT has been the conduit to re-energize what I have been doing!

Dennis Murphy, Murphy Shapes, San Diego