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Stewart Maxwell Local Currumbin Surfboard Shaper Opens New Factory

Written by thecrew@surfboard-tracker.com on Monday 10 June 2013

With the Australian surfboard market going through much diversity, Stewart has stuck to his guns, he is so passionate about what he does, he's never affraid to challenge the staus quo. Stew stands up for real surfboards, he belongs to a number of organisations in Australia who are working hard to help protect local shapers across the nation.

Stewart's boards are very competitive in price and are built to last.

SBT has been supporting Maximum surfboard for the last eighteen months, the SBT web is growing in Oz as surfers begin to understand what the system means. Locally created surfboards working towards a sustainable future for shapers and surfers.

Andrew of SBT said" We want to support surfboard builders and surfers who value quality boards. The SBT system helps shapers manage their daily operations and connect more closely with the surfers who ride their boards and more!".

The new upgrade means that surfers can check boards out on their Smart-fone too, surfers get a great deal with a board with SBT, they can fully understand the board they ride and get all that inside nose to tail information, even manage their quiver on line, SBT is working hard building a platform so surfers where ever they travel the world or locally, see the SBT logo, and appreciate your looking at a great surfboard, scan it with your smart-fone, if the size is right buy it, Activate it and connect with your shaper ready for your next board.

Go and take a good look at his new shaping bay, its an "old school" retro type building with two shaping bays, and shop attached. If you wanna a great custom go and see Stew, he won't bite. email: Maximumsurf@bigpond.com



I think its definitely good for the surf industry only time will tell!

Marcus Anders, Editor, Surfline.com